KTC complex still ‘hot’, structural analysis on hold

KTC complex still ‘hot’, structural analysis on hold

Panaji: The team of civil engineering experts from Goa Engineering College (GEC) could only carry out superficial inspection of the Panaji KTC bus complex on Tuesday. The complex, after being engulfed in a fire on Monday, was still being cleared of the mess and soot left behind by the fire on Tuesday. The GEC team has been asked by the state government to analyse the structural stability of the structure following the fire.

The concrete was found to be still in a heated state on Tuesday, more than 24 hours after the fire.

Sources said that as the place is still covered in soot and burnt remnants, the GEC team could only carry out a visual inspection of the structure and could not extract core samples for analysis to determine the strength of the concrete in the structure.

The team, nevertheless, visited the entire KTC complex premises and chief minister Manohar Parrikar has been informed of the preliminary findings on Tuesday.

Sources said that the visual inspection may not be accurate in reading the stability of a structure.

“The KTC bus complex in Panaji is an old structure and when it was built the quality standards for construction materials were entirely different. Now, concrete may have deteriorated further due to heating from the fire. So there is every possibility that it may not pass the structural stability test when analysed based on the new standards.

Also, bars of old structures corrode and the bar size expands further due to heating and this can further weaken the structure,” a civil engineer said.

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