‘Quantum of indigenisation up in GSL’s new vessels’

‘Quantum of indigenisation up in GSL’s new vessels’

Panaji: The contract to deliver six off-shore patrol vessels to the Indian Coast Guard has helped Goa Shipyard Limited develop indigenous equipment required to build off-shore patrol vessels. In a move that will help reduce its dependence on imports, Goa Shipyard has increased the quantum on indigenization of warships from 60% to over 70%, chairman and managing director Shekhar Mital said.

He said that the benefit will be seen in the follow-on contract for five new off-shore patrol vessels that Goa Shipyard is building for the Indian Coast Guard.

“A lot of indigenization has gone into the new ships,” Mital said, adding “Some equipment we are making ourselves while others are being manufactured for the first time in Goa.”

The defence sector shipyard is currently fulfilling the contract for six off-shore patrol vessels of which five ships have already been delivered, all ahead of the contractual delivery schedule. “After the ships we delivered, the Coast Guard was very happy and gave us an order for five more. We also got some feedback improvements that can be made to the ships, and these will be incorporated in the new ships,” Mital said.

For the first time, marine air-tight hatches, oil purifiers and other components of the vessels will be manufactured in Goa, Mital said. Aside from a reduction in imports, the time taken to build the ships would also be reduced to less than three years for each ship, Mital said.

Prime minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the work on the new ships when he kickstarted the steel cutting process at Goa Shipyard in November 2016.

The shipyard, on Friday, laid the keel for the second of five new 2,400 tonne off-shore patrol vessels ordered by the Indian Coast Guard.

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